This recipe by @nourishandflourishsyd includes the Future Bake Australia Cookies of Harvest Fruit & Walnut and White Choc & Berry

‘You need to make these bad boys ASAP, especially for Christmas time (perfect to put in a baked goods gift box for your loved ones)! These are super easy to make and super delicious!

It’s got a buttery and sweet cookie base (use pre-made cookies for a super quick recipe!!) and filled with juicy, chunky cranberry sauce followed by a white chocolate drizzle.

* 2/3 cup crushed cookies (I used 2 x Future Bake Cookies in Harvest Fruit & Walnut + White Choc & Berry)
* 3 tbsp Coconut Oil

* Cranberry Sauce
* Melted white chocolate to drizzle
* Gold flakes to decorate

Method: Mix crushed cookies with coconut oil and press 1 tbsp onto mini silicone muffin tin as the base. Bake for 15 mins at 170C until golden brown. Let cool then fill with cranberry sauce (or jam) and topping of choice e.g. melted choc/ nuts."


Thank you Candy for the recipe, photo and permission to feature.

For full details, visit @nourishandflourishsyd

Originally posted on Instagram 25/11/22